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Fractal Framework for MetadesignDownloadJohn Wood (2008)
Adaptive AssemblyDownload Peter Spring (2008)
Auspicious ReasoningDownloadJohn Wood (2008)
Benchmarking Synergies in MetadesignDownloadJohn Wood (2010)
Bisociation in Keyword MappingDownloadHannah Jones (2007)
The Bureaucratic GeneDownloadJohn Wood (2004)
Chaos in the Virtual LibraryDownloadJohn Wood (1994)
Clocks with AwarenessN/AJohn Wood (2009)
Collective MetamorphosisN/AJohn Wood (2014)
Creativity and BiodiversityN/AJohn Wood (2012)
Design for Micro-utopias (intro)DownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Dandyism and Self-regulationDownloadJohn Wood (2006)
Designing SpiritsN/AJuan Garzon (2014)
From Products to RelationsIN PROGRESSJohn Wood (2015)
From Master-design to Meta-designDownloadUlrike Sturm (2005)
Harnessing Hidden KnowledgeDownloadJohn Wood & John Backwell (2012)
Heraclitus & the TetrahedronN/AJohn Wood, (2013)
How Many Dimensions are there in Ethics?N/AJohn Wood, (2013)
Languaging BiodiversityDownloadJohn Wood (2011)
Mapping the MapperN/AJohn Wood & Paul Taylor (1997)
Metabolicity: the role of metadesignDownloadHannah Jones & Rachel Wingfield (2010)
Meta-epistemologyDownloadFukuuchi & Dalladay-Simpson & Yang
Metadesign ToolsDownloadMathilda Tham & Hannah Jones (2008)
Metadesigning Paradigm changeN/AJohn Wood (2013)
Movement & Flow at the BoundaryDownloadClaude St Arroman (2011)
Nature's Wisdom=The Wisdom of NatureDownloadJohn Wood (2003)
Network Consciousness 1DownloadWood & Backwell (2009)
Network consciousness 2N/AJohn Wood & John Backwell (2011)
Network Consciousness 3N/AJohn Wood & John Backwell (2012)
Notion of Relational DesignDownloadJohn Wood (1992)
Proprioceptive Observations of 'Being-With'DownloadOlu Taiwo & John Wood (1998)
A Quadratic Model of ConsciousnessIN PROGRESSJohn Wood (2015)
Re-languaging the CreativeN/AJohn Wood (2013)
Relational InnovationN/AJohn Wood (2013)
Relational MoneyN/AJohn Wood (2018)
Relative AbundanceDownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Sympoiesis and SynergyDownloadWood & Nieuwenhuijze (2005)
Synergizing Synergies within MetadesignDownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Synergy CityDownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Team SynergiesDownloadJohn Wood (2010)
The Future of Design EducationDownloadNaomi Gornick & Ian Grout (2008)
The Shortening of Design FuturesN/AJohn Wood (2012)
The Tragedy of the ThermostatDownloadJohn Wood (2002)
Tragedy of the Thermostat 2N/AJohn Wood 2014
The Triple Win-Win SystemDownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Towards A New Philosophical Physics FoundationDownloadPhil Tattersall & Ben Sidebottom (2013)
Uncertainty & Living SystemsN/AJohn Wood (2017)
(Un)managing the ButterflyDownloadJohn Wood (2000)
Wild New Territories - book chapterN/AJohn Wood (2016)
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REPORTS square-50cm-spacer.jpg .
Wild New TerritoriesDownload synopsisRon Den Daas (2013)
Evoasis workshop ReportDownloadJohn Wood (2010)
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JOURNAL ARTICLES square-50cm-spacer.jpg square-50cm-spacer.jpg
Design EvolutionSublime MagazineJohn Wood (2018)
Re-inventing InventionSublime MagazineJohn Wood (2018)
Wise MoneySublime MagazineJohn Wood (2018)
Beyond 2-D MoneyMINT magazineJohn Wood 2019
EDUCATION square-50cm-spacer.jpg square-50cm-spacer.jpg
Is Rigour a No-Brainer?DownloadJohn Wood (2012)
Unmanaging the Butterfly of ResearchIn ProgressJohn Wood (2015)
Using the Tetrahedron for WritingDownloadJohn Wood (2005)

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