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Fractal Framework for MetadesignDownloadJohn Wood (2008)
Adaptive AssemblyDownload Peter Spring (2008)
Art School FuturesN/AJohn Wood (2021)
Auspicious ReasoningDownloadJohn Wood (2008)
Alienation and StewardshipN/AJohn Wood (2019)
Benchmarking Synergies in MetadesignDownloadJohn Wood (2010)
Bisociation in Keyword MappingDownloadHannah Jones (2007)
The Bureaucratic GeneDownloadJohn Wood (2004)
Chaos in the Virtual LibraryDownloadJohn Wood (1994)
Clocks with AwarenessN/AJohn Wood (2009)
Collective MetamorphosisN/AJohn Wood (2014)
Creativity and BiodiversityN/AJohn Wood (2012)
Design for Micro-utopias (intro)DownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Dandyism and Self-regulationDownloadJohn Wood (2006)
Designing SpiritsN/AJuan Garzon (2014)
From Products to RelationsIN PROGRESSJohn Wood (2015)
From Master-design to Meta-designDownloadUlrike Sturm (2005)
Harnessing Hidden KnowledgeDownloadJohn Wood & John Backwell (2012)
Heraclitus & the TetrahedronN/AJohn Wood, (2013)
How Many Dimensions are there in Ethics?N/AJohn Wood, (2013)
Languaging BiodiversityDownloadJohn Wood (2011)
Mapping the MapperN/AJohn Wood & Paul Taylor (1997)
Metabolicity: the role of metadesignDownloadHannah Jones & Rachel Wingfield (2010)
Meta-epistemologyDownloadFukuuchi & Dalladay-Simpson & Yang
Metadesign ToolsDownloadMathilda Tham & Hannah Jones (2008)
Metadesigning Paradigm changeN/AJohn Wood (2013)
Movement & Flow at the BoundaryDownloadClaude St Arroman (2011)
Nature's Wisdom=The Wisdom of NatureDownloadJohn Wood (2003)
Network Consciousness 1DownloadWood & Backwell (2009)
Network consciousness 2N/AJohn Wood & John Backwell (2011)
Network Consciousness 3N/AJohn Wood & John Backwell (2012)
Notion of Relational DesignDownloadJohn Wood (1992)
Proprioceptive Observations of 'Being-With'DownloadOlu Taiwo & John Wood (1998)
A Quadratic Model of ConsciousnessIN PROGRESSJohn Wood (2015)
Re-languaging the CreativeN/AJohn Wood (2013)
Relational InnovationN/AJohn Wood (2013)
Relational MoneyN/AJohn Wood (2018)
Relative AbundanceDownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Sympoiesis and SynergyDownloadWood & Nieuwenhuijze (2005)
Synergizing Synergies within MetadesignDownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Synergy CityDownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Team SynergiesDownloadJohn Wood (2010)
The Future of Design EducationDownloadNaomi Gornick & Ian Grout (2008)
The Shortening of Design FuturesN/AJohn Wood (2012)
The Tragedy of the ThermostatDownloadJohn Wood (2002)
Tragedy of the Thermostat 2N/AJohn Wood 2014
The Triple Win-Win SystemDownloadJohn Wood (2007)
Towards A New Philosophical Physics FoundationDownloadPhil Tattersall & Ben Sidebottom (2013)
Uncertainty & Living SystemsN/AJohn Wood (2017)
(Un)managing the ButterflyDownloadJohn Wood (2000)
Wild New Territories - book chapterN/AJohn Wood (2016)
Writing the ParadigmN/AJohn Wood (2022)
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REPORTS square-50cm-spacer.jpg .
Wild New TerritoriesDownload synopsisRon Den Daas (2013)
Evoasis workshop ReportDownloadJohn Wood (2010)
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JOURNAL ARTICLES square-50cm-spacer.jpg square-50cm-spacer.jpg
Design EvolutionSublime MagazineJohn Wood (2018)
Re-inventing InventionSublime MagazineJohn Wood (2018)
Wise MoneySublime MagazineJohn Wood (2018)
Beyond 2-D MoneyMINT magazineJohn Wood 2019
NondominiumInterview with Chris Cookwith John Wood (2021)
Illustrating the UnthinkableInterview with Stacey Rossouwwith John Wood (2022)
EDUCATION square-50cm-spacer.jpg square-50cm-spacer.jpg
Is Rigour a No-Brainer?DownloadJohn Wood (2012)
Unmanaging the Butterfly of ResearchIn ProgressJohn Wood (2015)
Using the Tetrahedron for WritingDownloadJohn Wood (2005)
URBAN PLANNING square-50cm-spacer.jpg square-50cm-spacer.jpg
Beyond ConservationSublime MagazineJohn Wood (2021)
Conservation to RegenerationIn ProgressJohn Wood (2022)

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