Frequently Asked Questions

this will grow once people ask us questions.....frequently

Why is the website so sparse?

  • You may not have enough privileges to see all of the pages
  • Many parts are visible only to our authors, or site administrators.
  • All have agreed to abide by Creative Commons

How do I become a member?

Can you help me use the website?

Why did we chose Wiki?

Why don't we use Facebook or Twitter?

  • We do...
facebook-icon.jpg twitter-icon.jpg twitter-icon.jpg LinkedIn-icon.jpg
  • Blogging and social networking websites are very useful for organizations like ours.
  • We use Facebook and Twitter to provoke ideas, announce events and keep in touch with people.
  • We also use Wikipedia as a public space for re-defining our mission and agenda.
  • However, co-authoring is vitally important to the shared development of metadesign.
  • Unfortunately, none of the above formats make co-authoring easy or effective enough.

Wikis encourages co-authoring

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