Tools Overview

an annotated selection of 21 metadesign tools
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The Background Story

Completed tools

  • The meta-tetrahedron consists of 7 separate tools, each based on the same concept.
  • Many more are nearing completion.

Tools in progress

  • Habits are guided by a language system that frames beliefs and assumptions.
  • By steering the metaphors we may re-frame the conditions we perceive to be 'real'
  • Again, shared realities can be shifted by language tools such as collective story-telling or the consensual values tool which quickly enables novice participants to agree defining terms to help to bind them as a team.
  • It would encourage holarchic teams of trans-disciplinary and interdisciplinary designers.
  • This requires team effort and to facilitate better team work it is important to compose dynamic teams.
  • How can designers help us to become greener, when the economic system dictates how designers work?

Thinking beyond what is 'thinkable'

Can Ethics Inspire a New Enterprise Culture?

Being Co-creative

Managing Collective Creativity

Managing Individual Creativity

Tools for Complex Systems