Tool no.93 - The Walk & Talk experience

Simultaneous team experiences: walking as a team and listening as a team

Tool History

  • When planning the Pines Calyx workshops of 2008 two sessions or 'shared experiences' had to get the participants quickly up to speed
  • 1. on the idea of currency and
  • 2. on the environment of Pines Calyx.
  • These sessions were given at the same time and repeated so that team 1 and team 2 did them in succession.
  • The idea emerged as a tool within the m21 team.

Tool Purpose

  • To steer groups towards a collective experience.
  • To encourage a collective experience at a practical level - experiencing the environment (walk) & quickly understanding important concepts (talk).
  • Requires other tools to develop this one tool no. 52. Collective story-telling
  • Very useful and important.

Tool Intention

  • This tool was tested as a way of getting as a team participants to focus on a task in a more embodied way.

Tool Process

  • This tool can only work in tandem with other tools - this is not a stand-alone tool.
  • It is flexible and can be reconfigured to a variety of different contexts.
  • What would my client actually have to do in order to make this work? (e.g. list of instructions)
  • A specialist or specialists in the area or areas that is/are to be worked on by the developing team is/are brought in. i.e. at Pines Calyx the theme was currency, but also sustainability as well as flexible creative solutions to problems (thinking outside the box) and playfulness.
  • Added to this there was a general metaphor of 'seeding' and 'growth' that peppered the whole event.
  • It is best on the walk and talk to have more than one specialist.
  • The talk given by the specialist should be extremely informal.
  • The team can ask questions throughout the talk.

Tool Example

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