Pocket Synchronicity Tool

Locating the unthought synergies between people

Trapeze_artists_1890.jpg 800px-Trapeze_Artists_in_Circus.jpg
Trapeze artists work hard to maintain synchronicity while in the air (pictures from Wikipedia)

Tool History

Created July 2010 by Jordan Jordan Dalladay-Simpson Icon Hyaesook Hyaesook Yang and Ayako Ayako Fukuuchi for the first synchronicity workshop as a tool to reveal the hidden and implicit synergies between people, and the paraphernalia they carry on them.

Raison d'etre:

Tool was developed to achieve:

  • 1) a less pre-meditated/thought about path to synergy seeking;
  • 2) opening workshops up to serendipity;
  • 3) a way to get participants to talk about interesting/sentimental/personal objects without priming/seeding them in advance (sprung upon) by asking them explicitly to bring them.


  • Diversification from 'professional knowledge exchange' in synergy workshops
  • Finding a bridge to unthinking synergies - rather than thinking synergies
  • Reflection on meaning in unitentional choices
  • Reflection on individual/personal participant lifestyle
  • Seed further ability to design at 'lifestyle' level


People always carry paraphernalia - we seek to uncover the relations between carrier and carried.

  • Relation between carrier and carried offers lifestyle insight
  • Synergies exist by coincidence - many people with many things = multiplicity
  • Synchronicity is apparent connection through occurrence and meaning rather than causal relations. Coined by Carl Jung (~1920).
  • Created to seek a more self-reflexive and lifestyle positioned output in metadesign workshops


  • Ask participants to rummage through their pockets/bags to find an artefact of interest on their person.
  • Participants take turns to reflect-through-speaking about the unintentional artefact and its context in groups
  • Group facilitators steer (through open questions) participants towards discussion on lifestyle level.

Method of Action:

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