How Metadesign Aims to Work

A Table of Ten Key Concepts
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1.To learn from the way ecosystems workliving systems are smarter than we know
2.To think in a more comprehensive waywe need to join up more of the dots
3.To operate at the level of paradigmsimprovement of separate parts may not work
4.To 'language' new possibilitiesparadigms are partly sustained by words
5.To create synergies through re-combinationsynergy is a free bonus from Nature
6.To work co-creatively across disciplinesno one is smart enough to see the whole picture
7.To encourage flat-structured teamworkfixed hierarchies eclipse willingness & responsibility
8.To work as entrepreneurs & entredonneursthis can reconcile top-down & bottom-up initiatives
9.To make complex systems more navigableusers need to find their way around systems
10.to develop radically optimistic approachesnegative thoughts make miracles seem less possible

square-50cm-spacer.jpg Table 1: Ten attributes of the metadesign framework

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