The Eighth Meta-Circles Meeting

5th February 2020 at Goldsmiths, University of London

See the previous meeting in a series held to explore our notion of Meta-Circles

The Meeting

  1. Jordan Dalladay-Simpson joined Stacey, Alfredo and John W in a New Cross Cafe.
  2. Alfredo updated us on his exploration of the Tiddlywiki project
    • It has useful properties but may be too 'clunky' for use by Network members.
  3. Alf also showed us the Feminist Database
  4. Jordan suggested Startup as a possible publication vehicle for news and quick fire ideas.
  5. Jordan said he'd be happy to:
    • help set this up with our team as editors
    • reach out to people who already have relevant content on there!
  6. square-50cm-spacer.jpg THANK YOU JORDAN!

See a more complete proposal by JW for MEMBERSHIP CONDITIONS