Seventh Meta-Circles Meeting

29th January 2020 at Goldsmiths, University of London

TiddlyWiki Mapping

See the previous and subsequent meeting in a series that were held to explore our notion of Meta-Circles

The Meeting

  1. Alf and Stacey met with John and began by agreeing to continue thinking about a unique paper publication.
  2. Also wondered whether ONE version (of notes / communication / publication) could be a TIDDLYWIKI page.
  3. Could it have advantages for dyslexics?
    • Instead of user experiencing the journey between many 'pages', TiddlyWiki s/he remains on one page.
  4. Is this format adaptive? (e.g. to visually-minded metadesigners)

Initial Design Concepts

  1. Purpose: - to gather and share information across the Metadesigners Network
  2. Problem: - how can we elicit news & gossip with minimum effort / time required by members?
  3. Strategy: - could Network membership come with minimum commitment to communicate?
  4. Example: AGREEMENT ("Tick this Box"):"I agree to complete a 2-part questionnaire each month"

Answer this question and add a brief provocation: e.g.

  • Q1: "What have you done this month?" (i.e. news / gossip / update)
  • Q2: Please submit ONE Catalyser / Provocation / Question / Keyword / Announcement / Proposition
  1. This could be anything (artefact / question / problem / keyword / image / issue / song / recipe etc). that invites response by others.
  2. Any further response (e.g. to someone else's catalyser/proposition etc.) would be voluntary.
  3. If our format is designed correctly, entries are likely to invite one of the following responses"
    • A related thing (companion artefact / keyword / image etc)
    • A context / background situation that matches the catalyser/proposition/question etc.
    • A solution/answer to the problem/question.
  4. But if this is the basis of a TiddlyWiki visual map format it could grow by itself
  5. (see START)

NEXT MEETING: Wed 5-02-202 at Birdy NumNums