Sixth Meta-Circles Meeting

20th December 2019 at Goldsmiths, University of London

Co Authorship Red

See the previous and subsequent meetings in a series held to explore our notion of Meta-Circles

Also see John's chapter draft and additional strategy notes

The Informal Meeting

  1. Alfredo had already returned home for the vacation
  2. Stacey and John met informally to discuss possibilities and plans for the New Year.
  3. They both agreed to a longer term commitment leading to the running of an international Metadesign Network
    • (This would be subject to success with technical issues, such as funding, individual visas and employment etc.)

Some Ideas

  1. We noted the (Stacey's & Alfredo's) shared interest in a publication with physical (non-digital) format
  2. One straightforward option is to publish an annual compendium featuring submissions by all/any Network Members
    • designed to be purchased and archived by libraries
    • could be collated and designed over a 2 day team-session (?)
    • by inviting each member to contribute X number of pages, this would elicit news (& contributions) to the Metadesign venture
  3. Might approaching Goldsmiths Press be a straightforward, time-saving way to publish?
  4. We agreed to invite Stuart to our first meeting in 2020