SNU-KHU Paradigm Change Conference

The day's timetable - 27th May 2011

Paradigm Shift - synergizing TD & BU initiatives

Timeline for the day

9.30xx9.35xxWelcome remarks from KH hostProf. Kyu-hyun Kim
9.35xx9.40xxWelcome remarks from SNU hostProf. Soonjong Lee
9.4010.20Design That PermeatesProf. Juhyun Eune (SNU)
10.2010.30Q&A session-
10.3011.15Synergizing top-down & bottom-up initiativesxxProf. John Wood (KHU)
11.1511.30Assign everyone to either A or B team types
--Briefing - using the task notes
13.0014.20WorkshopProf. John Wood (KH)
13.0013.10A and B teams prepare for the task.
13.1014.10A teams conduct their workshop task.
13.1014.10B teams conduct their workshop task.
13.1013.20Participant 1 bisociates with Participant 2
13.2013.30Participant 1 bisociates with Participant 3
13.3013.40Participant 1 bisociates with Participant 4
13.4013.50Participant 2 bisociates with Participant 3
13.5014.00Participant 2 bisociates with Participant 4
14.0014.10Participant 3 bisociates with Participant 4
14.1014.20Teams prepare to feedback to everyone
14.2014.40Feedback (Languagers and Observers)
14.4014.50SUMMARY of findings - all groups
14.5015.00Final remarks/announcements-END OF WORKSHOP

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