Manifold Abundance

A term that describes shareable clusters of synergies


The idea of abundance

  • 'Abundance' has a profound meaning for human individuals and societies.
  • Literally speaking, it refers to something that is of primary (i.e. 'fundamental') value and shared goodness.


The idea of the manifold

  • 'Manifold' means, literally speaking, something that is folded into itself, many times.
  • Even if a solution derives from a single innovation it would need to enfold many perspectives.

Manifold innovation

  • Complex problems may not seem soluble through discrete innovations.
  • This is difficult mainly because we cannot fully understand them
  • Innovation is often constrained by conventional categories within language.
  • Names and descriptions therefore encourage us to look for a single dimension, value, issue, or perspective.
  • In order to transcend this problem we may need to innovate on many levels at once.
  • We need to juggle many parallel innovations to make a complex, coherent and benign order of innovation.
  • An appropriate metaphor, or figure for this is the miracle (probabilistic, rather than supernatural definition of miracles)
  • Theoretically (statistically) miracles occur when many rare coincidences align, auspiciously.
  • This idea may encourage the development of solutions that satisfy many criteria simultaneously (see quadratic innovation.
  • Quadratic innovation operates when four abductive systems work in a complementary way with one another.
  • Quadratic innovation is one of the simplest ways to produce manifold abundance.

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