Metadesigning For Children

Twenty fourth meeting on 3rd October 2022. With special guest - author and artist Heather Steed
Together with Hyaesook Yang, Dan Griner and John Wood.
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Heather writing a graphic novel about Goya's dog paintings. It goes through the active characters in the story. (Dan suggested it was like rescuing animals trapped in galleries and museums). She mentioned that she might self-publish (to avoid the interference of publishers). You can buy an ISBN number.
John mentioned the potential double audience of trying to explain metadesign to children, then explaining the idea of explaining a child's version to adults (search on emulsifiers).
Dan saw the project as popularising metadesign methodology. Graphic novels are a niche audience. He asked what format might be for us.
Heather and Dan are members of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
Ladies Do Comics LDC
Heather liked the idea of dual readership...
John suggested that Dan's Ubuntu sketch (4 pics) could be presented as a combinatorial reading session. e.g.

  1. Parent reads the Desmond Tutu quotation (silently)
  2. Parent asks child to interpret a story by looking at the images
  3. Parent gives feedback to the child
  4. Parent asks for the child's feedback/interpretation/update
  5. etc. etc.

Some Chosen Keywords

  1. Visualising a grammar of optimism, rather than doubt.
  2. e.g. Switching from a SWOT approach to a POUT approach
  3. See the Lucky Generals syndrome
  4. Richard Wiseman's luck generator
  5. The idea of auspicious reasoning
  6. situatuating yourself by spontaneously in the grammar you choose
  7. See Autopoiesis
  8. See cell logic n.b. many books already cover this, so Relevation & Sympoiesis may be better)
  9. Relevation together we make ourselves exist
  10. choosing what feels right - glass half-full.
  11. Structural coupling - the process by which we grow as One
  12. Sympoiesis We Outnumber Us

The World of Publishing

We hope to welcome Prof. Laura Santamaria at a forthcoming meeting.

  1. John's STORY notes

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