TUFF Climate Workshop Planning Meeting 5

10th August 2018 in Hexagon Room
For MA Design students and honoured guests

GUEST EXPERT: Laura Joanknecht | GUESTS: Gordon Breingan | Marcus Comaschi |Anette Lundebye | Alma Tischlerwood GOLDSMITHS TEAM: Isabella | Jinyoung Lee | Yilin Liu | Gauthier | Isabella | Kutay
See a list of all TUFF Climate Change Workshops in 2018 and an overview of the aims of the workshops

Some Key Terms

anger | anxiety | crisis | denial | displacement | dissociation | fear | insatiability | jeong | person-centered therapy | responsibility | trauma
N.B. If you disagree with any of these notes, please let me know and I will amend. I have ‘translated’ comments and criticisms into ACTION PROPOSALS (constructive recommendations)

Action Proposals (all practical proposals could be located here). Turning problems, or difficulties, into practical tools or methods is a technique we developed when thinking about radical optimism. JW

The Problem

Climate Workshop Re Design Aims

What are the causes of collective inertia? Why is that many people may have heard about climate change yet (appear to) do nothing about it?

Gordon Breingen:
ACTION: Find out more about the attitude:‘nothing affects me personally’
Anette Lundebye:
ACTION: Find out more about our tolerance for ‘cognitive dissonance’
Find out more about our reluctance/inability to think in the long term (see self-interest)
Jin Yong Lee
Head Heart Balloon
Clarkson Cynicsm

Can Top Down Solutions Work?

  • In our previous work we explored the idea of multiple interventions to change the social paradigm using the Levers for Change approach by Donella Meadows.
  • But some people believe that humanity will fail to react adequately and responsibility to climate change unless there is a collective shift in consciousness. (see the simplified idea of network consciousness).

Consciousness Transfromation Model
From the Institute of Noetic Sciences Consciousness Transformation Model

Money and Positive Feedback

Possible workshop activity (if we make time for it)