Super-wicked Problems

See also wicked problems and other glossary entries

In addition to the difficulties inherent in wicked problems, when applied to global climate change, 'super wicked problems' also have additional characteristics (Levin, Cashore, Auld & Bernstein, 2007)

Additional characteristics

  1. Time is running out.
  2. No central authority.
  3. Those seeking to solve the problem are also causing it.
  4. Policies discount the future irrationally.


  • Levin, Kelly; Cashore, Benjamin; Bernstein, Steven; Auld, Graeme (23 May 2012). "Overcoming the tragedy of super wicked problems: constraining our future selves to ameliorate global climate change". Policy Sciences. 45 (2): 123–152. doi:10.1007/s11077-012-9151-0.