Super Wicked Solutions

See also wicked problems, super wicked problems and other glossary entries
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  1. In traditional logic, question framing can be contrived to create a symmetry between question and answer.
  2. Here, as designers, it is useful to differentiate between answer-seeking questions and outcome-seeking questions.
  3. This is because design is more useful in practical deeds and intended outcomes, rather than in verifying truth claims. (see Auspicious Reasoning).
  4. However, any resolution of a wicked problem or a super wicked problem will have been barely discernible (if at all) from attempts to frame it clearly.
  5. However, given the contingent flexibility of language games implied by the above discussions it is reasonable to advance the idea of an opportunity-seeking question, that is more akin to an outcome-seeking question, rather than an answer-seeking question.
  6. Likewise, we can, at least, imagine a wicked solution that answers a wicked problem, even if we are more likely to find an example of one, post hoc, than to pre-conceive one when it is needed.
  7. see our glossary of terms