Our role

an emerging claim


A modest role?

  • 1. The Metadesigners Open Network sees itself as a trim-tab for human survival.
  • 2. The Network sees itself as a living catalyst for paradigm change.
  • 3. It sees itself as an agency that brokers new synergies at all levels.
  • 4. It sees itself as a creative mediator between 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' approaches.
  • 5. It sees itself as a open network for designers and other like-minded creatives.

What is an 'open network'?

  • We think it is one that balances creative freedom with an effective sharing process.
  • Ironically, this means that we offer different levels of membership.
  • Some information and findings will be published to non-members.
  • Not everyone needs to join. Not everyone will choose to join.

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