The Network's Structure

The four different levels within the hierarchy


  • Visitors are anonymous non-members who can browse selected pages of the website
  • They will not have signed up to the membership agreement
  • They will not be able to modify, upload, or co-author the website's content
  • Everyone should be able to see their homepage


  • Registered members will have signed the membership agreement
  • They will be able to see more of the website and are visible by name
  • They do not have sufficient privileges to co-author, upload, or modify the website.
  • Members (and above) can see their members' homepage
  • Application for membership may entail submitting a personal statement of interest.


  • Co-authors have all of the privileges of members and are trusted contributors.
  • They also have carry administrative responsibility for editorial order within the website.
  • You can see the co-authors homepage only if you are an administrator or higher
  • Becoming a co-author may entail submitting a proposal, original essay, theory, method or article.


  • Managers are administrators who maintain the technical and design aspects of the website.
  • They have no special homepage.

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