UNFINISHED NOTES - in progress

Counselling Homo sapiens

A provocative discussion to find unusual perspectives and insights
NASA Earth

Earth as Patient

ASSUMPTION - By seeing (our?) world/species as an individual client/patient we would speak using 'responsibility/heart' logic and find new answers.
  1. JW: how might you converse with a client (=the Earth) if it is self-harming?
  2. Laura Joanknecht: - is the earth really self harming?
    • Or is it a child being abused by its parents?
    • Or is it that the parent is being abused by its children?
  3. JW: I guess I was conflating 'world' with human species/culture including governance.
    • i.e. If Homo sapiens goes down, there will be no point in blaming our parents (e.g. a particular political party / tribe / race / religion / sector / boss etc.).
    • We are all in this together, but the 'blame game' stops us all from working together.
    • Current political system stops citizens from becoming adults.
    • Citizens (i.e children) expect leaders (i.e. parents) to shield us from dangers and ethical dilemmas we don't want to face.
    • We need 'responsibility' logic (open-hearted contrition/acceptance/intimate truths/direct actions).
    • But governments are too big to be (held) responsible because they are grossly over-scaled
    • Their chains of managerial control are too long and indirect (mechanical / bureaucratic) to be effective at a personal level.
    • This is why political leaders (the parents?) can only apply 'accountability' logic (i.e. reactive/apologetic/denial-based/post-hoc evidence/facts/figures).