Metadesign and the City:

Seeking synergies between top-down and bottom-up approaches

Symposium on Monday 14th February 2011

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This symposium explored some ways to synergize between existing top-down and bottom-up design approaches in the city. It included a futures scenario workshop using the post-2012 Olympic site in East London as a design dilemma. Three short talks exploring the notion of metadesign and presenting practical examples of bottom-up and top-down approaches to designing socially and ecologically attuned cities.

Hannah JonesGoldsmiths, University of London
Prof. Clive Dilnot+++++++Parsons New School, New York
Prof. Phil JonesWelsh School of Architecture, Cardiff
Prof. John WoodGoldsmiths, University of London / Kyung Hee University, Seoul

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