The IIDj asks for help

This is the Institute for Information Design Japan

The Big Picture

  • (unless you are Japanese) ask Japanese speakers for advice about how to address the following questions:
  • 1. (How) can we help our friends in Japan to link up the right people? (i.e. decision-makers / workers / citizens)
  • 2. (How) can we design better feedback loops between them?
    • a) for short-term decision-making?
    • b) for long-term decision-making?


Did you know that earthquake measurement is on a logarithmic scale?! ...this means that a level 9 quake is 10 times stronger than a level 8
  • What is the best way to display latest developments at nuclear power plants?
  • Can you help to collect/display high quality information?
  • Can you suggest better ways to standardize and to display this data?
  • E.g. news-bulletins use different measuring units - can we use simpler terms?
  • e.g. measures of Sievert/year, milliSievert/hour, microSievert/hour

Sometimes the per/time identifier is missing

  • Can we apply simple math to convert from one to the other?

How do they relate to other measures such as nGy/h
Can we identify ONE standard measure to put these numbers into a single, clear context?


What are the radiation levels - at any part of the country?
Are Wiki-maps available? (these are often more detailed and up-to-date than official maps)


What is the best way to estimate and announce likely levels?
Forecasts must account for
i) wind speed/direction
ii) altitude levels of air-mass movements
iii) precipitations
- and the impact of each of these factors on the ground

Send your ideas to us

  • and we can pass them on...
  • OR - contact:
    • Tokyo 103-0012
    • Chuo Ku, Nihonbashi
    • Horidome Cho 1.2.9
    • Japan

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