The Bitty Clock

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This narrative by John is part of the Metadesigning for Children project (see a summary) with Hyaesook, Dan.
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  • In the days before the very first clock could tell the time - clocks were in bits.
  • This must have made them feel incomplete and useless.

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  • When a bitty clock saw a table for the first time she felt sad.
  • "You have such strong legs", she said, "and I only have hands".

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  • "Don't worry", said the table, "Your round face is even smoother and lovelier than the moon's."
  • "Also, you don't need legs to be a clock - your beautiful hands just need things to point at."
  • "That's it - we need to make some numbers for you, so your hands can tell the time."
  • Q: So what was the first number that was invented?
  • A: Some believe that the first number is two
  • After all, ONE is everywhere.
  • Until TWO came along we hadn't noticed ONE.
  • As soon as you notice that you live on ONE planet you may notice that it is spinning.
  1. And everything that spins has TWO poles.