Is there different knowledge structures among different generations of metadesigners?

Apologies - small attendance needed for this event

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Key questions

  • Is there a generation gap in the way practitioners think about metadesigning?
  • Does it show that we learn within the particular context and values of our era?
  • Or are there age-related patterns of thinking that may colour our perceptions?
  • What can we learn from these experiments? We hope to be surprised...
  • Will we be able to apply these findings to the benefit of all? - watch this space.


  • Metadesign thrives on diversity because it is a great source of new synergies.
  • However, diversity should not mean isolated bits - differences should be connectable.
  • Talk to us if you agree - or disagree - or have a strong interest in this topic...
  • We don't like being exclusive and promise to share our findings with you later
  • This will be a synergy workshop led by Yahuei Yang and Hsien-te Chou

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