Developing a phone app

We are now working on the software for this Open Source system

NOTES - work in progress

Based on snippets gleaned from our technical director, Jonny Bradley - who is an established and prominent developer with the TikiWiki CMS Group community


Networking theories / developments

  • Connecting to random individuals (within a given group?) - see Chatroulette


  • Check out http://tiki.nospaces.net on a mobile device to see the work in progress.
  • See http://dev.tiki.org/Mobile
  • Jonny is developing co-authorship protocols that will also work on a on a mobile device.
  • It will automatically change the layout to use the new mobile interfaces (e.g. slidey lists, etc.)
  • JQuery mobile is a development of jQuery.
  • This is already fully integrated in Tiki, and will jump in when a device is detected.
  • Zend will do the actual detecting of the device (non-trivial)
  • Phonegap is probably the bit that we actually want, but required the bits above first.
  • It allows you to create native apps on many platforms, and what this build is what users will actually install and run, which in turn will connect with metadesigners.org

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