Swansea Hosts Research Centre

MRC Launch 2 Small MRC Launch 1 Small 2019
The first Metadesign Research Centre was opened at Swansea College of Art & Design, UWTSD on 26th June with workshops on 27th June 2019.

CONTACT: info at metadesigners.org 

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Metadesign is an emerging conceptual framework for co-creating a new social, economic and technical infrastructure. It exists as a superset of aims, values and tools that would enable teams of trans-disciplinary designers to map, co-create, and orchestrate a new paradigm of wellbeing.

This Metadesign Research Centre will be known as 'MRC Wales'. The launch was kindly supported by the ATiC project. The Metadesign Team will develop a research agenda aims supports the aims of the Welsh Assembly's Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015). The scope of the Act includes, but is broader than, issues of:

    • environmental sustainability
    • gender
    • racial equality. 


  1. A globally responsible Wales
  2. A prosperous Wales
  3. A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh Language
  4. A resilient Wales
  5. A Wales of cohesive communities
  6. A healthier Wales
  7. A more equal Wales
  8. Guests included individual experts, enterprises and charities working within the life sciences sector.