Interview with Lois

John interviewed her in December 2021
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Q: Do you ever think about the future?
A: Sometimes I ask myself questions if I can’t get off to sleep. Sometimes these are deep questions like ‘what is the meaning of life?’ - my answer is to enjoy life and to have fun. Some people don’t understand this and only think about making money and being successful.
Q: How might we achieve the vision you describe?
A: It could be through technology and new forms of currency (e.g. online, paperless)
Q: A lot of things have changed through Covid etc. - are we able to manage these changes?
A: Yes, I think so. Technology will help us to find new ways of living.
Q: What would be your ideal way of living? (beyond having fun etc.)
A: Everyone sees ‘fun’ in different ways, but most people like meeting up with loved ones. Activities and sport are important aspects of fun, too.
Q: Is there a way to enable everybody to have fun in the future?
A: I don’t know how to explain it but there are already technologies that create fun. I think there will be further developments in the future.
Q: Do you see yourself as creating these technologies?
A: I quite like coding but don’t enjoy the numbers aspect.
Q: Is there a way to enable everybody to have fun?
A: Perhaps technological systems (AI?) might create new activities that everyone would like. Some people like gardening. I like the smell and look of plants.
Q: Would you like to be involved with making our local area greener?
A: (hesitates)...er, yeah.
Q: Do you have role models you especially admire?
A: I look up to successful business people because they are usually happier.
Q: Do you see certain people at school being happier than others?
A: They seem pretty similar.
Q: Do you see yourself as a creative person in the future? e.g. do you envision being a creative at some professional level?
A: No, I would rather earn my living in something better paid, then continue painting and drawing as a hobby.
Q: (on writing a children’s book) Do adults really know stuff that children need to know? Are there issues you and your friends agree with?
A: We heard that some people are making animals do slavery and even children…and we don’t think they deserve that. We talk about animals being imprisoned in zoos…and they didn’t do anything to deserve that.
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