Eco-semiotics in Metadesign

A series of public research seminars

File:Expression of the Emotions Figure 14.png File:Expression of the Emotions Figure 15.png
Illustrations from The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (Charles Darwin, 1872)

To avoid premature extinction our species must accomplish a massive change in beliefs and behaviours. Our framework for paradigm change (i.e. 'metadesign') avoids using new resources by cultivating an emergent 'synergy-of-synergies'. This raises conceptual problems because new synergies defy the familiar logic of the old paradigm. Perhaps eco-semiotics (which embraces structure and function, plus aesthetics and semantics) can help us grasp, and orchestrate, these unfamiliar values, meanings and possibilities.


1.xAn introduction to eco-semiotics8th March9.00am
2.Metadesign cultivates a ‘synergy-of-synergies’xxx15th March9.00am
3.Using Network Theory for Paradigm Change5th Aprilxx9.00am
4.Can eco-semiotics re-language the unnameable?12th April9.00am
5.Synergizing ancient and modern food systems19th April9.00am


Please contact info at metadesigners.org for further details.

These public lectures are kindly hosted and facilitated by different universities in Seoul. (The next few were invited by senior academics in Kookmin University and Yonsei University. Subsequent talks will be sponsored by Kyung Hee University and Seoul National University. These events will be conducted in English with intermittent translation into Korean.

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