Two Conditions of Use

Sharing and attributing our work means shared progress

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We Need to share & collaborate

Creative Commons License
The Metadesigners Open Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This applies to:

  • 'Sharing' (copying and/or passing on anything on the website)
  • 'Remixing' (correcting, improving, modifying, developing, editing, any work on this website).

See Wikipedia explanation

CC-share-icon.jpg remix.jpg
If you shareIf you remix
i.e. copy+distributeadapt+develop (where feasible)
CC-attribution.jpg creative_commons_share_alike.jpg
1. You must Attribute2. You must ShareAlike
i. to the Networki. to distribute your version under the same/similar license to this.
ii. to do so openlyii. to notify the Network Membership that you have validated or improved its work
to attribute the work to the Metadesigners Open Networkiii. to give the Network the opportunity to distribute it to members (but not in a way that suggests that we endorse you, or how you use the work).

Please choose

How do I adhere to the conditions?

  • By making the license terms clear to others when you re-use or distribute these resources.
  • By making a clearly visible link to our web page: http://metadesigners.org/
  • Some resources may offer exemptions
  • See full details of license

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