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Author: Hyaesook - Published Tue 07 of Nov, 2022

We don't know what sensory receptors animals live with. The different sensory receptors than human create the different world. A snail can not recognise certain speed, and probably some fast creatures can not recognise slow speed even in they are in the same space. A metadesigner, possibly the butterfly, can be the bridge between slow snail and the fast dragonfly for understanding each other. And open the new possibility in the world by changing point of view of sensory receptors .

Four Keywords: metadesign, Umwelt, Designer as an intermediary, emotional(feeling) observer

1. Intended audience:

  • from the early stage to 5-6years old, possibly more than that who loves the visual/ interesting ideas.
  • Designers, armature designers, people who is interested in design ----- or all their children

2. Desired Outcomes –

  • Visual performance for metadesign idea.
  • Metadesigning the children’s books/story
  • Discussing the different ways of communication for the different audience. (in the different context)
  • Spell of metadesign ideas through a story.
  • In the category of the series of metadesign book for children can create different point view for desgienrs.

3. Our USP

  • Children’s book for design.
  • Children’s book for metadesign.
  • Developing the idea of metadesign for simpler way to communicate with wide range of readers.


the beginning / a development :

A long time ago, there was a snail.

One day, the snail found a strange cloud in the air.

It was shaped like some colorful ribbons but feel just strange.

Then the snail heard a buzzing noise

“hello” the snail said frightenedly with shivering voice in the cold wind.

“hello” the strange cloud replied back as an echo



Then a quite moment passed between the snail and the cloud

“is anybody there?”

The snail said again bravely.

“is anybody there?”

said the echo.


“Ah” the snail thought there is nothing but an echo





The snail played with the strange cloud echo all day


“who is this snail who sings nicely?”

The snail made a joke to the cloud

“who is this dragonfly who sings nicely?”

The cloud replied.

“wait are you a dragonfly? Who is this?”

The snail asked to the dragonfly surprisingly.

“who is this? What is a snail?”

Replied the dragonfly

They started looking around to see where they were, but they couldn’t find each other.




Then a butterfly passed between them and by chance had heard their conversation.

“Hi snail! Hi dragonfly this is butterfly” interrupted butterfly out of nowhere.

“Aah” said snail and dragonfly scared

“Ohh! it is butterfly”

“Ohh! It’s you”

The snail and dragonfly said as he took a sigh of relief.

“I will introduce each other!

Hey dragonfly! This is snail. We have met when I was a caterpillar

Hi this is my new friend dragonfly. We sometimes fly together.”

“I thought you are a strange cloud”

The snail said

“I thought you are a colourful rock”

The dragonfly said

“But I thought you were the special cloud”

The snail said happily.

“yes me too you look really beautiful as a rock” the dragonfly said with smile.

“and thank you butterfly”

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